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Indiewire’s chief film critic Eric Kohn talks with Thompson on Hollywood’s Anne Thompson about the world of film festivals and new releases of all shapes and sizes. In this week’s episode: Does “Transformers” take the focus off better movies? Is TV taking over? New release recommendations: “Begin Again” and “Snowpiercer.” Plus: The weekly “Nikki Watch” segment.

Part of the soundtrack for a 2-part documentary on the Apollo 13 space mission.

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Pre-production concept music from the feature film ‘Cosmos’ by Elliander Pictures.
The Cosmos Soundtrack is currently in its early stages of development but the directors have given us a rather unique opportunity to share all progress from barebones to screen.
This is the first mockup of one of the two main themes heard throughout the film.

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Ha, never gets old.(:


Ha, never gets old.(:

Virginity/Purity Test (you should do this)


For everything on this list that you’ve done, you take a percent off. You start off at 100% virgin and work your way down.

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Here’s a dancing baby Groot for your blog