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Iain has a credit list big enough to make grown men weep – including (to name but a few): The Killing Fields, The Fifth Element, Planet Of The Apes, Spy Game, Cold Mountain, Alexander, Children Of Men, The Fountain, Wanted and The A Team. In this presentation he discusses…

How Hollywood REALLY works.
How Scripts REALLY get to Producers.
How to get hired, how NOT to get fired (and what to do if you are).
Why most Brit writers come unstuck in Hollywood.

As ‘Welcome To The Punch’ continues to pick up rave reviews, I thought I would share a rare, intimate and candid interview I did with writer director Eran Creevy a few years back about his debut feature ‘Shifty’. At the time, Eran had just begun developing ‘Welcome To The Punch’.

What shines through in the interview is his passion and chutzpah… you really have to hear the story about being the driver for Daniel Craig on ‘Layer Cake’.

Shifty is an excellent micro budget British movie that did extremely well critically, with audiences, but crucially, it also played well within the established industry.

Top UK director and writer Edgar Wright talks about his journey - from early 16mm films to ‘Shaun Of The Dead’ to blockbusting success on both sides of the Atlantic with ‘Hot Fuzz’ and ‘Scott Pilgrim Vs The World’.

Speakers include…
Edgar Wright
Chris Jones

Money. It’s the biggest problem any filmmaker faces.

Great ideas are worth diddly I f you can’t your shoot, edited and get your film out there – and to do that, even at the most microbudget level – you will need cash.

In this podcast with producer Ivan Clements, we talk about getting your film financed using the EIS and SEIS, a kind of taster for our one day workshop in June.

With Mark Fergus.

Kevin Spacey claims TV has entered a ‘third golden age’, with the small screen now home to high-quality drama including Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Homeland and Breaking Bad. But the Academy Award-winning actor also predicts the end of the traditional TV episode and a world in which every film is released in cinemas and on-demand at the same time